What is mSpy?


Keeping The Family And Workplace Safe With mSpy

For decades, parents of teens and preteens have wrestled with the problem of how to keep their children safe without stifling them. Now, mSpy seems to be providing a solution that keeps the young ones happy, while giving the parents peace of mind. They not only know where their children are, but know what they are doing and know they are safe.

As well as being used by parents, the product was also developed for use in the workplace, as a mobile monitoring device to help managers keep track of their employees. Workers nowadays are more mobile, and often work from home or while traveling. Supervising employees is now much more challenging for managers, and cell phone tracking can be a solution.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is a cell phone tracking software application, or app, that runs on smartphones and tablets. Once installed on a device, it enables you to keep track not only of calls and text messages, but of almost every activity that is conducted on the device. It is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad up to iOS 7 and Blackberry.

How it Works

The way this particular mobile monitoring solution works is fairly simple. When you purchase mSpy online, you are prompted to create an account with a username and password of your choice. You are then able to log into this account from any Internet-connected device wherever you are, to monitor the activity of the phone you are tracking.

You need to have access to the device for about 5 minutes in order to install mSpy app. From the device, you access the email address and follow the prompts provided for the set-up. The installation wizard will then install the app on the device.

Once the installation is complete, you can then log into your account from your own computer or phone, to keep track of all activity on the monitored device. When you log in, you will see a dashboard or control panel, which displays all the different types of information provided by the software. For instance, you are able to view the location of the device plotted on a map, thanks to the integrated GPS locator system. The dashboard also displays charts showing, for example, what apps have been used on the device and how often, and enables you to view stored photos and videos. You can monitor incoming and outgoing calls, and all Internet activity, including that on social media.

What More Can it Do?

These features are very exciting, but they are only part of what this mobile monitoring system can help you do. You can also have access to the device’s calendar and address book, which enables you to be aware of your child’s contacts, and planned meetings, events and activities. An especially useful feature is the remote control facility, which enables you not only to block calls and emails from particular contacts, but also to block specific websites. You can even lock the device remotely, or even wipe it completely — especially important if it has been lost or stolen.

Unique Product Features

A large number of mSpy reviews focus on the fact that the system boasts more advanced features than any other mobile monitoring product. Many of these are, in fact, unique to mSpy. For this reason, in virtually every comparison site, this product ranks at least second, and often first, among comparable products.

One feature which is virtually unique to mSpy is the keylogger function, which is able to report everything that is typed on the monitored phone or tablet. What makes it special is that it monitors not only emails and SMS text messages, but messaging from Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, SnapChat!, Viber and Skype. What’s more, there are yet more messaging apps out there which you may not know about, but because the keylogging feature reports all keys pressed, you don’t need to know what apps exist before you can monitor them. In addition, the keylogger records all log-in details and passwords, making it a really powerful function.

Yet another feature exclusive to mSpy is the ability to monitor not just what websites are visited, but the frequency with which they are visited. This information can be found in the browsing history on the control panel, against each line item. This can be very important for identifying patterns of Internet activity.

Benefits for Parents

The distinctive features of mSpy give rise to many outstanding benefits for both parents and employers, and these are highlighted in most mSpy reviews. For parents, the supreme benefit obviously comes from peace of mind — most parents, in fact, never stop worrying about their children when they are out of their sight. Knowing exactly where your children are at all times is a huge comfort.

Along with this, of course, goes the safety of the children themselves. Although young people always believe they are invincible, parents know only too well what perils lie in wait for them — not only physical dangers including traffic, but more subtle dangers arising from Internet predators. One big benefit is that if your child is actually in physical danger, or has had an accident, you will know immediately and be able to go to the rescue — there are few things worse than waiting in vain for children to come home, without knowing what has happened.


However, for most young people nowadays, the biggest risk comes from dangers to which they may be exposed on the Internet. These take several forms. One increasingly common problem is Internet bullying, including trolling. This can come from social media contacts, or may even come from people of the child’s own age group, such as school mates. Some children have been driven to suicide by these activities.

Another increasingly common danger is from adult predators who befriend a child on social media, pretending to be someone of the child’s own age. The child often only finds out it is pretense when it is too late. It can be easier for a parent to identify this type of activity, which is why the features on this software are so useful. Being able to monitor incoming and outgoing messages, as well as the calendar and address book, often means you can nip this kind of relationship in the bud.

Parents are also often very worried about the kind of websites their children are accessing. Many porn websites deliberately target children by having very innocent looking portals, or by having a URL that can mimic the URL of a popular site with a single typo. Being able to monitor frequently-visited sites can be an invaluable protection for your child.

Benefits for Businesses

The powerful features of mSpy bring just as many benefits for employers. Businesses can lose thousands of dollars every year from lost productivity, through employees leaving the workplace without permission, or wasting time on non-work activities. A manager cannot physically monitor every employee, but now that virtually all employees have smartphones or tablets, mSpy can help solve the problem.

The positive aspect of this is that in order to comply with the law, employers have to obtain the consent of the employees before they can install cell phone tracking software on their devices. So this is not an underhand form of surveillance. The presence of mSpy on their devices will encourage employees to work as productively as if the manager was actually in the room. They are also likely to think twice before making personal calls, surfing the Internet for entertainment, or playing games in work time.

A further benefit for employers is that mobile monitoring software helps prevent intellectual property theft — employees are less likely to use their phones to leak confidential company information if they know they are being monitored. It’s also important for managers to ensure safety guidelines are being followed, especially in manufacturing plants, and the ability to record surroundings enables a manager to be aware of exactly where employees are and what they are doing. Industrial accidents are very costly for businesses as well as tragic for those involved, and many are due simply to carelessness.

Is it Ethical?

Some mSpy reviews have raised questions about the ethics of using mobile monitoring software. It is in fact a criminal offense to install this software on a person’s phone, without obtaining the consent of that person. Some parents and employers may be tempted to bypass this ruling, if they have reason to suspect misbehavior by their children, or misconduct on the part of their employees. However, in most cases, informing the user is more likely to prevent undesirable or dangerous activities.

Trust is Key

In the end, it all boils down to trust. If mobile monitoring is used in a way that undermines trust, it is not likely to help in building a productive workplace, or a harmonious family. The use of mSpy in a positive and open way will provide protection while maintaining trust, and ensuring dignity and freedom for all users.

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