mSpy FAQ

1) What is mSpy?

mSpy is an application built for phones and tablets that always monitors the messages, call logs, information related to events, chats and conversations and also the location of the device.
This application is useful as it helps monitor employees or children who are to be monitored while they are using their tablet or smartphone and you would own the absolute right to monitor their device. However, please note that you would have to inform the device owners that you are monitoring their device.

2) How does mSpy work?

To start with, the application should be installed on the device which has to be monitored and after that, the information would be available.
For easy installation, you need to have absolute physical and usage rights over the device for 5-10 minutes and the installation must be completed. Once the installation is complete, you would not have to gain physical access to the device and you would still be able to monitor the device remotely.

Note: mSpy is not responsible for any legal complications as you need to have proper consent and approval before you install mSpy and track any device. mSpy is not bound by any legal obligations and it is your duty to ensure that there is no misuse or intrusion of privacy by making use of this application.

mSpy has a silent operation and the user of the device would not get to know even when data is being monitored. There are no notifications or alerts provided to the device owner and you would be receive all information related to tracking over the internet.

3) Is mSpy compatible over different mobile network carriers?

Yes, mSpy is compatible and works perfectly with all mobile network carrier and across all regions. The only requirement for this application is an active internet connection on the device, from which data would be tracked and transmitted over the internet.

4) Which are the devices that work with mSpy?

mSpy works across a wide range of smartphones and tablets. However, the software requirements are as follows:
– Android: 3+
– iOS 6: 8.1.2

Please note that mSpy works fine with devices that are jailbreak-ed too. However, there might not be proper functioning of the device as the functionalities provided are limited. You will have to purchase the mSpy version that is meant for jailbroken devices when you are about to purchase the application.

Note: mSpy and mSpy without jailbreak are different versions of mSpy. It is recommended that you understand the differences thoroughly before you check out and make the payment. Switching between either versions is free of cost. But, your archived and saved data would be lost while doing so.
mSpy in no way encourages jailbreaking of devices and we are just making it compatible across jailbroken devices. Jailbreaking is not supported by mSpy or Apple and you are completely responsible for the damage that might occur if you wish to jailbreak.

5) Does mSpy run in invisible mode?

mSpy works in the background in the incognito mode and the device’s normal functioning would not be affected in any way. There are no pop-ups or notifications generated by mSpy and the user would not get to know about the working of mSpy.

6) Is it legally allowed to use mSpy?

mSpy can be used legally only in the below mentioned instances:
a) Parental control application to track the usage of device by children who are under aged.
b) Employee solution for monitoring devices used by employees for official purposes, who are informed in prior that the device is being tracked.
Before using mSpy, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are authorized to track the device. All the legal consequences are to be understood properly and you would have to stick to all the legal rules before using mSpy. Also, the consequences or any other legal proceedings that might be initiated by using mSpy would have to be handled by you and mSpy is not responsible for any legal matters that might arise.

7) Should I be able to access the device physically if I wish to monitor the device by installing mSpy?

For the non-jailbroken variant of mSpy, just the iCloud credentials are sufficient to install mSpy. But still, there might be conditions where in physical access to the device is required.
If the device is jailbroken, you would need physical access to the device for 10-15 minutes for installing the application. Post installation, you would be able to track information from the device using the Control Panel provided to you.

8) What is the installation procedure for mSpy?

To install mSpy on a device that is not jailbroken, all that you would need are the credentials of the device owner and after filling it in correctly, you may complete the installation and the data from the device would be available in the Control Panel.
If you wish to install mSpy in devices that are jailbroken, physical access is required and after installation, you would have to login to your account with the details that we provide and then, you would be able to view the data.

9) Where is the monitored data that is being stored?

Data from the device would be stored in our server and you would be able to access it by logging in to the control panel of your personal account.
You can also have a look at the Control Panel and how data is being saved by viewing our demo.

10) How can I purchase mSpy?

There are a variety of payment options available for the purchase of mSpy. Mentioned below are the payment options we accept:

• Secure online card (Visa, MasterCard)

• Eurocard

• American Express

• Diners Club

• Discover/Novus

• Dankort /VISA

• Postepay (Visa)

• JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)

• Carte Bleue (“Blue Card”)

• Solo

However, the payment methods vary depending on your region. Please check the preferred payment type that is supported by your region when you check out.

11) How can I start using mSpy after purchasing?

Once the payment is processed, we will send you a mail. Please check your inbox and spam folders both as the mail would sometimes wrongly be classified as spam. You will receive two confirmation mails on successful completion of payment: one from the billing company and the other from your online login control. This should be used to login to your control panel.

12) Is there an option for refund if I am not happy with mSpy?

You are entitled for 100% refund up to a period of 10 days from the date of purchase if you are not satisfied with the usage of mSpy. Please make sure that you go through our refund policy for further details. We recommend that you have a word with our customer support team before you wish to initiate a refund.

13) What is the tracking interval for the information of device?

Usually, mSpy updates the information present in the device once every hour. Also, the data gets updated if there are any changes being made in the phone instantly. With a jailbroken device, you would have to set the update interval yourself manually. Based on the interval, data from the device would get updated in your control panel.
However, please note that shorter intervals of update would result in more consumption of the device’s battery.

14) What is the need for a working active internet connection on the device that has to be tracked?

mSpy makes use of the internet connection of the device to track the information and update it with the control panel of the user. It makes use of Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection to update the contents of the device to your control panel.

15) Would I be able to track more than one device using mSpy?

By using the Basic or Premium mSpy account, you would be able to track only one device. However, any single device can be tracked using one subscription. You can uninstall it from one device and install it on another device any number of times you want. However, to track multiple devices at the same time, you would have to buy multiple subscriptions. Please note that there are packages also available for multiple subscriptions and you would be able to save a lot.

16) What are the customer support options offered by mSpy?

mSpy comes with four levels of technical support and assistance. Please find below the variants:

a) Free support for all basic subscriptions and support would be provided by e-mail.

b) Free support for premium subscriptions are provided by e-mails and an option for live chat.

c) Premium Support Service includes personalized assistance for customers and comes with a one-time chargeable fee of 9.99$. However, this is an optional service and is not refundable. This feature also comes with an option for phone support for installation prcess.

d) mAssist: This feature helps you in rooting or jailbreaking your device and we also offer services to install mSpy using Team Viewer and you can reach out to our technical support team round the clock.

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