How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

Is Your Girlfriend Cheating? Catch A Cheater

When you are doubting your girlfriend’s faithfulness, there are several factors you should analyze and take into consideration before you point any fingers or make any accusations. 

If you are wondering how to know if your girlfriend is cheating, we prepared this article to guide you through the steps you need to take to find out the truth. We interviewed several specialists that deal with infidelity on a daily basis and, thanks to their useful insights and different researches carried out on the topic, we managed to summarize all the notions to create this guide. 

Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

As we mentioned earlier, before confronting your girlfriend about your doubts, you need to carefully analyze the situation and try to notice if anything changed in your relationship. Let’s start by introducing some of the most common signs you need to look out for in order to know how to catch a cheating girlfriend:

  • She cares more about her appearance than she did before
  • She spends a lot more time on her phone
  • She’s more secretive about where she’s going and who she’s with

Needless to say, the signs can change based on your girlfriend’s personality and behavior, therefore, you should generally keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious or out of the ordinary. 

Keep on reading to find out some methods you can use to finally give an answer to the question “Is my girlfriend cheating on me”.

I Think My Girlfriend Is Cheating on Me: Stats and Common Reasons 

You might have heard somebody say “Nowadays, half the married couples get divorced”, but is that the truth or is it only an exaggeration? Different researches show that only around 25% of all the couples that have been in a relationship for multiple years have had the experience of their partners cheating. Therefore, the stats don’t look as pessimistic as the general opinion people have regarding infidelity. 

As for why cheating happens, during our talk with professionals, we came up with several common reasons that can eventually lead to cheating. Here is our list:

  • Attention is missing: When a girlfriend feels forgotten and left aside, she might find it necessary to look for somebody who’s willing to give her the attention she’s seeking. 
  • Lack of appreciation: This is actually one of the reasons that make people cheat. More specifically, it refers to when an individual takes the partner for granted and begins to expect certain things from them. In the long run, the partner might start feeling not appreciated and consequentially look for a person who values them. 
  • Lack of sex life: Although sex isn’t everything there is in a romantic relationship, being intimate with your partner is still an important part to keep the relationship strong. When sexual desire starts to diminish, and your spouse begins to be unsatisfied, they might try to engage a sexual relationship with somebody else. 

Why Do I Keep Thinking My Girlfriend Is Cheating on Me?

You might be thinking your partner is being unfaithful because you’ve been noticing a lot of changes in their behavior, or maybe because you’ve noticed something in your relationship isn’t clicking anymore. 

It’s very difficult to discover if your girlfriend is cheating by merely analyzing her routine, therefore, you might need a powerful tool to discover the truth, something we can call a “cheating girlfriend app”. 

We’re now about to describe some tracking methods and apps you can use to finally answer questions such as “is my girlfriend cheating on Facebook?”

How to Deal with a Cheating Girlfriend

It’s now time to introduce three useful ways that are perfect for catching a girlfriend cheating and finally answering all your doubts. All these methods can help you track your spouse, and, in some cases, they can even grant you access to her phone. 

  • How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating: mSpy App

The mSpy app allows you to fully track and monitor all the activities on the phone. It comes for a monthly price of $29.99 for the standard plan or $69.99 for the premium plan, which includes all the services and features offered by this software. It’s the most comprehensive tracking method you can have on the market when you are trying to catch a cheater. 

The main features mSpy can offer include:

  • Call Logs: To track all the phone calls your spouse’s cellphone makes or receives. 
  • WhatsApp Tracking: To keep an eye on WhatsApp conversations that might sound or look suspicious.
  • Pictures and Videos: Check all the media content the phone stores.
  • Google History: Check which websites your partner visits.
  • GPS Location: Track your girlfriend’s movements and discover if she’s telling you’re the truth.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Monitor your girlfriend’s social media to see if there’s anything suspicious going on.
  • Text Messages: Discover a cheating girlfriend through text messages, including the ones that are deleted.

The mSpy app can be installed in around 20 minutes and it’ll offer complete access to the targeted phone from your computer or your other devices. Here is how a man successfully found out his wife was cheating on him: 

I had been noticing some changes for quite a while now and I was almost a 100% sure my wife was cheating on me with a man we both met at a dinner party a few months ago. I didn’t feel comfortable confronting her without evidence though, so I decided to get the mSpy app and install it on her phone. The whole process was quick, I just had to wait for a good chance to get close to her phone and then it was done. Over the next two weeks, my suspicions were confirmed as I found several messages on Facebook where she was lovingly chatting with that man.” [Button]

  • How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating: IMEI Number

The IMEI number is a specific 15-digit number that is associated with a cellphone and it can tell you exactly where to find that phone. It’s unique and you can usually get it by looking into your partner’s phone settings or by asking her provider for it. Once you have it, you’ll just need to insert in in the IMEI tracking website in order to track your partner’s location whenever you need to. Here’s what a girl tells us about her experience: 

I knew my boyfriend was cheating on me. That’s why I went through his phone’s settings to get the IMEI number. It took literally two minutes and, the next time he told me he had to stay at the office for a couple more hours, I used his IMEI to check where he was. I got the location and went there to check, turns out he was in a restaurant with his lover.”

  • How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating: Find My Device

Find My Device is an Android app you can use to track the location of a phone or tablet. This method works on Android phones and it can be used for free by installing the app on the device you wish to track. Installation takes about ten minutes, the time of a quick shower, and, once you’ve used your personal Google account credentials, you can get access to the phone location as many times as you want. 

All you need to do to start monitoring is logging in to your account on your laptop and check your girlfriend’s movements. Here’s a man’s experience with Find My Device: 

I couldn’t believe how easy that was. I installed the app in less than five minutes and, after that, I could see all her movements from my own Google account. It didn’t take long to find out she was cheating on me and, even if I was disappointed, I felt relieved that she could no longer make a fool out of me.”


Although there are pros and cons to each option, however, they are all efficient and easy to install and operate. Out of all these methods, we believe the best one is the mSpy tracking app because, even though it’s a paid service, it offers all the features you need to get a complete picture of what’s going on in your girlfriend’s life. The other two options are valid as well, however, they can be a little less accurate. 


What should I do if my girlfriend cheated on me?

Gather all the evidence you can and then confront her about it.

Should you forgive a cheating girlfriend?

It depends on your personal views on the matter and what the circumstances were. 

Should I stay with her if she cheated?

You should think about your feelings first and foremost. If you want to give her another chance, you should make sure it will not happen again.

How can I catch my GF cheating?

You can try to track her phone. The mSpy app is a good method to do so and discover if she’s lying to you.

How do you ask your girlfriend if she cheated on you?

You should first gather evidence that proves she actually cheated and then you can decide to ask her what it all means. 

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