How to track an iPhone

How to track an iPhone Track

IPhone is a famous gadget today made in line with the smartphones which is marketed and designed by the apple Inc. Because of the modern technology, a lot of features have been incorporated in this gadget. Different applications are also provided that are truly helpful and entertaining in terms of its uses. One application that it have is on how to track an iPhone which is helpful for the user to find his or her own iPhone if it is lost as well as to find where his or her friends are who have an iPhone too.

mSpy Compatibility with Jailbreak

mSpy has been the most popular tracking and monitoring application today in the market. It works by tracking all the activities of the phone monitored such as the GPS location, images, web history, videos, SMS, emails, Skype and a lot more. mSpy is best for monitoring the safety of the children as well as the productivity of the workers. Written below is how you can track your IPhone using the mSpy compatibility with jailbreak.

How to Track Your Own IPhone

How to Track Your Own IPhone

For you to track your own IPhone, all you need to do is to open the application “find my iPhone” on your device. If you don’t have the application, you can download it from the App Store. You are going to log in for security purposes. After that, you will see a map that shows where the current location of your phone is.

You will see a device button at the top of your screen. You are going to choose an enabled device that will search for it. You can also add any devices of iOS in your Apple ID for you to use it in finding your IPhone. After it finds your IPhone, you will see it on the lists, click it and the “find my IPhone” and it will look where your phone is located.

If ever your IPhone is powered off, or the battery is dead, it will report to you where the last location of your phone is, however, it doesn’t have the capacity to show the current address of your phone.

In some cases that your iPhone just slipped in the cushion, or you just left it in the pocket of your pants, it is just easy to find. From the info window of your IPhone, you will be able to send an alert. For a minimum of two minutes, you will hear a loud alert even if your phone is muted.

If ever you are using an iOS 6 or the later model, just click the “lost mode” button in the info window of your phone. You will be asked to put an unlock code; just make sure that the code that you will give is not personal. If you really don’t find where your phone is, you can erase all the data’s that you have there. By just clicking the “erase iPhone” button in the info window, it will automatically erase all he data’s in your phone including those confidential ones.

How to Track an IPhone

In order to track where your friends who also have iPhones are, the first thing that you should do is to install a “Find My Friends” application which is downloadable at the App Store. If you already have the app, the next thing that you will do is to type the password of your Apple ID for you to log in.

After you successfully logged in, find the “friends” screen. You will find there the list of all the friends that you have. They are your friends who authorize you to find their location. Tap your friend’s Apple ID in order to see their location.

If you wish to add another friend, just tap the button with the “+” sign at the top of the right corner of your IPhone. You will input there an apple ID and then press the send button. If you want your friends to temporarily track you for just a couple of time, all you need to do is to tap the “Temporary” button.

Tap the “Me” button in order for your friends to track where you are as well as the other IPhone’s who has the ability to find the location of your IPhone. If you want to delete one of your followers, tap on the follower and press the “remove from followers” button. For you to hide the location where you are at to your followers, press the “hide from followers” button and switch it on.

If you want to accept or decline an invitation from other IPhone’s just tap the “request” button in order for you to manage the requests from your followers.

mSpy Compatibility without Jailbreak

Today, a new invention has been made in order for you to track another iPhone even using mSpy compatibility without jailbreak. You can start monitoring your friends, kids even your workers online using the mSpy Dashboard. This tracking app works very well with iOS 6 up to iOS 6 8.1 iPhones and to other iOS devices.

mSpy dashboard is a perfect choice if you are looking for a tracking app that is legally installed for monitoring purposes. It also allows you to access with all the date and you can make sure that they are secured by just keeping your password safe and strong.

Comments and Reviews from People who Already Have mSpy App

For most parents, keeping their children safe is the most important responsibility that they should do. That’s why for them, having an mSpy Compatibility with or without jailbreak is a good thing to have. It helps them monitor their children especially those parents who are working in far places away from their kids. A lot of employers also find it helpful for tracking their employees. It gives them access in their text messages, emails, calls and others.

With regards to the price of mSpy, the basic starts at $8.33 per month, the premium cost $16.65 per month and the family kit is from $13.33 per month.

People today should buy mSpy because it is specially designed to help you monitor your children as well as you love ones. It is also helpful to see if your employees are doing their job.

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