mSpy – Simply The Best Cell Phone Tracking App


The need for a cell phone tracking app has become much more apparent in the last few years, as the dangers to which children are exposed become increasingly evident. To meet this need, many tracking software applications are coming to the market, and anxious parents may wonder how to know which is the best one to choose. One product, mSpy, seems to stand out from the rest, offering an exceptionally wide range of powerful features and providing all the functions a parent could want.

How mSpy Works

mSpy is able to offer all this powerful functionality because of the advanced technology built in to the software. Once you have purchased mSpy and created your account, you are able to install the app on the cell phone or other device – such as a tablet or laptop – that you want to monitor. As soon as it is installed, you can log in to your account from your own phone or computer, or any device with an Internet connection, and track all activity on the target device.

The way you view the activity is via a control panel, which comes up when you log in. The control panel gives you the option either of viewing a dashboard, or of viewing specific activities. On the dashboard you can see, for example, a map plotting the location of the monitored device, using the GPS locator system, charts displaying the apps that have been used on the device, or stored photos and videos.


mSpy supports all popular operating systems, including Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. On an iPhone, it is compatible with all iOS versions, including the earliest versions, where the device is not jailbroken (that is, where DRM restrictions have not been bypassed). Usually, where the monitored device is not jailbroken, you do not need to get hold of the device to install mSpy, as long as iCloud backup is activated.

mSpy is also compatible with later versions of iOS – iOS 6 and later — where the device has been jailbroken. In this case, in order to install mSpy, you need to get hold of the device for about 20 minutes. However, with jailbreak, a lot more features are available, including location tracking, SMS message monitoring, and call and website blocking.

Features for Cell Phones and Tablets

With or without jailbreak, but especially with, the range of features is unbeatable — no single other cell phone tracking app provides you with so many different functions. In addition to tracking the GPS location, and viewing apps, photos and videos, you are able to monitor all calls, both incoming and outgoing, and with access to the address book and calendar, you can keep an eye on all contacts, and track all events and activities. mSpy with jailbreak is also the only tracking app that enables you to block unsuitable websites.

One feature that is virtually exclusive to this cell phone tracking app is the key logging function, which allows you to view everything that is typed on the device. This means that as well as keeping track of emails and SMS messages, you can also track all instant messaging via a wide range of social networks, including login details and passwords. An especially powerful feature is the remote control, which enables you to lock the device remotely, or even wipe it completely, if it gets lost or stolen.

If, as a parent, you feel increasingly helpless in the face of all the technology to which your children have access, you will welcome a solution that puts you back in control. There is a good reason why mSpy ranks number 1 on almost all comparison sites for monitoring software — it is the only one that offers the complete range of features that you need to keep your child safe. For this reason, mSpy is the right choice when looking for a cell phone tracking app.

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