mSpy Review 2015


mSpy Review 2015 mspy review 2015

mSpy is an all-round application that collects data about calls, messages and emails and the physical location of the device making use of GPS. This application runs in a hidden mode and the user would not get to know about the running of application. It works well with Android, jail-broken iPhones and BlackBerry line of devices. mSpy also comes with a customer support of 24/7. Due to this, mSpy falls in our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

mSpy is an application that keeps a log of all calls including the time at which the calls were made and the duration of the calls, followed by the number.

Incoming telephone calls such as spam and unwanted numbers can also be blocked using mSpy. There are other mobile monitoring apps available that will keep the number unblocked and you would receive notifications whenever there is an incoming or outgoing call to that number, which is a feature not being offered currently in mSpy.
All the call logs, messages and emails are logged by mSpy. The contents include those from Gmail, Yahoo or any other synced mails and messages received by all apps.

By using mSpy, you would be able to access all the multimedia content downloaded on the phone, such as videos, music and images and you would be able to see the thumbnails of these contents using mSpy. By clicking on the thumbnails, you would be able to view the images or video content.

Additionally, the browsing history of your phone can also be viewed using mSpy, including the bookmarks and websites that are blocked and all this can be done by making use of the online mSpy account provided.
It keeps an all-round track of the calendar information, phone address book, device tracking and Skype data too! Whatsapp and Skype chats can also be read.


Features of mSpy: 10/10
mSpy works with iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. However, it is not yet released on the iTunes Store for iOS devices. It also requires the iOS device to be jail broken. You may check the website for the compatibility of your device.

You would be able to use mSpy only on one device by purchasing one license. However, there is no restriction on the device to be used. You may uninstall it from one phone and use it on any other phone. But, you would be able to actively monitor only one device at a time with a single license.

mSpy is undetectable, that is you would not be able to know that the software is installed in the device unless you actually know it. It is highly recommended that you check the privacy laws of your state before you install mSpy.
This app gives you the ultimate control over your device. You may decide on the apps that are to be shown to users and the apps that are to be blocked or hidden from users.

Tracking & Security: 9/10
mSpy can be downloaded in different ways. You can directly download it from the official website of mSpy. But if you are installing a directly downloaded version for Android phones, you would have to go to the Settings option in your phone and change the Security setting to allow non-market apps to get installed. Any anti-virus software in place should also be disabled during installation as it does not allow installation to take place and would stop the installation process.

If you wish to know where the users are at times,this would be a precious app as it would help you track them easily. The co-ordinates and the street addresses would be made known and it is viewable on the map, thereby knowing the co-ordinates of the user.

Also, in case the phone is lost, the device can be wiped remotely and the device can be locked. Due to this, you can prevent unwanted users from accessing your device.

Help & Support 8.9/10
The ease of use for mSpy is wonderful and you may seek help if you have problem in installing by calling the assistance or customer support wing of mSpy. It has 24/7 support and customers can contact mSpy by chat, phone or email. To know more about mSpy, you may have a look at the FAQ section of the website.

Summary of mSpy: 9.8/10
mSpy is a powerful tool to track and monitor a user and the functions of the user. The usage tracking is not made available to the phone user and can be accessed only using the online account. With the high level of functionalities and features offered, adequate care must be taken to ensure that there is no violation of the local and federal laws in place so that privacy intrusion does not occur while using mSpy.

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