Computer Monitoring Software – Safeguarding Your Child From The Various Risks & Dangers On Facebook


For those who grew up in a world without the Internet and social websites, joining Facebook and other such sites may not seem like a big deal. However, joining Facebook has become a veritable compulsion for youngsters today.


Joining Facebook – Non-Negotiable for Youngsters


Young children join to satisfy their curiosity about the glamorous world of social media; tweens treat it as a veritable coming of age ritual that gives them the freedom to explore the world without nagging adult supervision, while teenagers use Facebook to due to peer pressure and to continue to be a part of the cool crowd.

computer monitoring softwareOfficially, Facebook allows children aged 13 years and above, but there are millions of children less than 12 years, some as young as 6 years, who have Facebook profiles. While there are numerous advantages to spending time on Facebook and social media sites, parents cannot afford to ignore the various risks that children, tweens, and teenagers face in the big bad world of social media.


Some risks include:


• Exposure to unsuitable content

• Instances of cyber bullying and cyber stalking

• Targeting by child predators

• Developing fear of missing out, low self-esteem, and other behavioral issues

• Developing addiction towards Internet and social media surfing

• Inadvertent disclosure of private personal and financial information

• Developing character flaws like use of foul language

• Committing cybercrimes on the Internet


The worst part is most children are just not equipped to handle the risks of being active on social media, and parents cannot rely on traditional and conventional methods to protect their children and guide them towards a safe and responsible social media experience. This is where computer monitoring software applications like mSpy can make a huge difference.


How Can a Computer Monitoring Software Protect your Child on Facebook?


A software application that takes automated screenshots at regular intervals will help you discreetly view your child’s Facebook timeline, friend list, shares, and other details without having to log into his or her account. The screenshots will help you gain better understanding about your child’s social media habits and frame social media ground rules accordingly.

A computer monitoring software which merely captures the screen at fixed intervals will not provide the complete picture. mSpy combines key logging with the screenshot feature to ensure you are aware of every single word typed by your child when spending time on Facebook. This feature makes it easier to identify instances of inappropriate chats with friends and strangers, inadvertent sharing of private information, cyber bullying, and other risks.

Raging hormones, insecurity borne out of physical and psychological changes, generation gap, and natural rebelliousness can make it difficult for you to handle your teenager. Establishing clear ground rules regarding the duration and frequency of social media surfing may end up as a futile exercise if your teenage child simply ignores the rules and goes online in the privacy of his or her room or when you are not at home.

Keeping constant track of your child at all times is neither practical nor advisable. Being intrusive and overbearing may only encourage your teenage child to find newer ways to conceal information from you. An unobtrusive computer monitoring software like mSpy will help your child enjoy his or her space without any compromise on the child’s safety.

Screen capture and key logging can also help you identify attempts of child grooming – the practice of relying on seemingly warm and friendly activities aimed at ultimately exposing the child to underage pornography. Or, your child may be fooled by social contacts into revealing credit card details, holiday plans when the home will be vacant, or the hours when the child remains alone at home.

mSpy keep track of the total time spent by your child on the computer along with details about the various applications and processes run on the computer. Knowing that your teenager is following the mutually-agreed timetable can help you offer more privileges without any worries. On the other hand, you can take effective remedial action without any delays if the monitoring software proves that the computer is being used indiscriminately.

From inappropriate advances by predators pretending to be friends to strangers sending contact requests to bombard the child with advertisements – your child will be exposed to a wide range of potential risks on Facebook.

Without intending to do so, your child may conceal or misrepresent information about his or her activities on Facebook. In such a scenario, mere theoretical advice and guidance will be inadequate to safeguard your child. Yet, you cannot afford to take a hope-for-the-best approach and allow unrestricted and uncontrolled access for your child.


Golden Rule of Trust but Verify


Requiring your child to access Facebook in front of you or personally reviewing his or her FB activity can make your child feel unworthy of your respect and trust. Combining computer monitoring software applications with other conventional security features like word filters and parental control will help you enjoy peace of mind. The monitoring software will act as a safety net that works in the background and helps you step in the moment intervention becomes necessary.